Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service


We understand that you have alot of options when it comes to buying your Jewelry.

The hard part is finding a Jeweler that can custom make a peice, not just throw parts together from a catalog but truly build you something original and do it Right! 

Old Fashion Techniques Meet State of the Art Technology

MJM is the only Jeweler in area with a Laser Welder! Utilizing our Rofin Laser Welder means your repairs and custom work is done 100x faster and more consistant then conventional hand solder and welding. 

We also know that trust is a deciding factor in choosing your Jeweler. When your Jeweler says that there is a problem with your peice do you really want to simply take their word for it?

Here at MJM we do not want your leaving the store wondering if the repairs were actually needed or not. We again utilize technology to show you first hand where your jewelry is damaged and exactly how we can repair the item. Our Dino-Lite Microscope/Camera can show you the problem with up to 150x power so there is no mistaking any needed repairs!  


Check out this great video of our Dino-Lite