We Buy Gold & Silver Coins and Jewelry

Services We Offer

Sizing & Replating

Life Happens. Things Change. We Understand. Whether its sizing up or down, it needs to be done right and thats the only way its done here at MJM! 

Prong Rebuild & Replacements

Life gets hard, taking care of your fine jewlery shouldn’t be. Prongs take the brunt of all the damage done to your jewlery. Let us take care of them for you!

Stone Setting & Replacement

Whether you have a 2mm stone or a 2ct Diamond You need to trust who is setting that stone. Our Master Jeweler has over 25 years of experience working with all kinds of stones.

Retail Cost Assesments

So its said, that you should spend 2 months of your income on an engagment ring. When doing so you will want to insure your investment right? Retail Cost Assesments will help you to insure your fine jewelry correctly.

Watch Battery and Minor Repairs

Have a Watch that just stopped working? 

Let us take a look and let you know if its just a bad battery or somthing more.

Complemenatry Services

Questions or concerns about your fine jewlery? 

Tips on how to clean and keep your peices clean?  

We can help and YES its FREE!